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Germany?s New Policy Plan Puts The Us On Catch Up - Yahoo News

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced the results in the Bundestag last week. The project shows Germany to be a standout among the Western powers for its agility, imagination, openness, and altogether its guts. Related: First Greece, Now SpainIs Europe in for a Political Earthquake? The world has changed, and the Federal Foreign Office must view site... change with it, Steinmeier told the assembled parliamentarians. Quickly: Can you think of read a nation whose foreign policy elite is entirely incapable of making a similar assertion? I can. To be clear, Review 2014Foreign http://florentinocofx.blogs.experienceproject.com Policy Thinking Ahead, as Steinmeier named his project when he took office in December 2013, is an implicit challenge to the U.S. policy establishment. It is almost certainly intended to be so, although those courteous Germans would never say as much. CrisisRulesEurope, as the report published last week is titled, is interesting in all sorts of dimensions.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germany-policy-plan-puts-us-104500562.html

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